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The UCSD Women’s Ultimate team was founded in 1995 by Beth Lewis (who was then known as Beth Phillips).  Upon her arrival at UCSD in the fall of 1995, Beth recruited a few young women to play ultimate and founded Psycaughtit (which was later shortened to Psycho sometime during the 2001 season).

This little team started out with some big competition.  Originally, the Psychos were part of the Western region which covered pretty much all of the western Pacific United States and Canada with teams hailing from California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  In the fall of 1998, the UPA Board of Directors voted to change the regional boundaries and the Psychos became part of their current region– the Southwest.  Although the Psychos no longer had to play Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, Oregon, and UBC at Regionals, they still needed to compete with UCSB, Colorado, and later, UCLA, to earn a trip to Nationals.  Also by the end of 1998, the Psychos team had grown so large that they split in to A and B teams for the first time.  In the spring of 1999, Psycaughtit took first place at the UPA College Women’s Southwest Regionals and qualified for nationals for the first time. In 2002, the Psychos headed to nationals in Spokane, WA and returned home as the 2002 UPA College Series Womens National Champions.

After her final season as a member of Psycaughtit and as a member of the UCSD graduating class of 1998, Beth Lewis was given the award for which she is the namesake– the Beth Lewis Award.  The winner of the Beth Lewis Award is often someone (not necessarily the most skilled player on the team, but always a graduating senior) who has embodied the spirit of the Psychos, dedicating time and energy to the team on and off the field throughout her college career.  Past winners have not just been outstanding players but they have also been key leaders as well. The winners are listed on the award itself, which which is kept is the sports club office on the top floor of RIMAC.

Year College Series: Callahan Nominee: Beth Lewis Award:
2009 5th (Regionals) Jennifer “Sir Robin” Jacobsen Jennifer “Sir Robin” Jacobsen
2008 Laura “Beignet” Wishingrad
2007 9th (Nationals) Laura “Beignet” Wishingrad Elizabeth “Patch” Martin-Craig
2006 3rd (Regionals) Kelly “Muff” Jarvis Meredith “Heffer” Allen
2005 2nd (Regionals) Alia Schoettgen Alia Schoettgen
2004 t-3rd (Nationals) Alicia White Cheyenne (Holton) Sammons
2003 t-5th (Nationals) Stephanie “Shaq” Jong Stephanie “Shaq” Jong
2002 1st (NATIONALS) Stacy Berger Dania Goodman
2001 t-3rd (Nationals) Bryn Martyna Corinne Ginsberg
2000 Corrine Ginsberg Marisa Alvarado
1999 Meg Parker Erin Hashimoto
1998 Beth (Phillips) Lewis Beth Lewis
1997 Beth (Phillips) Lewis

Schedules and Results:

All-Region and Freshman of the Year Players
Psycaughtit News 1998
Psycaughtit News 1997
What is the UCSD Women’s Ultimate Disc Team? 1997-1998
“Eye of the Psycho” Cheer
Psycho History as narrated by Marisa Alvarado

Psycho Logo-- Split DiscPsycho Disc 2010Psycho Disc 2009

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