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Psycho History by Marisa Alvarado

Psycho History
as narrated by Marisa Alvarado (UCSD ’00)

The Psychos Ultimate team at UCSD was founded in 1995 by Beth Lewis (then Philips). Back then the team’s official name was Psycaughtit, it was shortened to Psychos in 2001/02 I think. The team started off small and had some BIG competition. The region consisted of all of CA, Oregon, Washington, and up into Canada. Then in the fall of 1998, the UPA members voted to change the regions to what exists today. We were stoked! Not having to try and beat UCSC and Stanford (HUGE power houses at the time) plus Oregon or UBC! We still had Santa Barbara to worry about and now took on Colorado but we felt this gave us a better chance at making Nationals. By that time the team had started to grow and the Psychos split into A and B teams for the first time. Beth, Jen Wilkes, and myself REALLY wanted to let the B team keep the name Psycaughtit and rename the A team Velvet Touch but we were denied by the rest of the junta. Nevertheless, we were excited to see the growth of our favorite sport! That spring (1999) we took first at regionals and we were off to Colorado to play in our first Nationals!

The Beth Lewis award did not start until 1998 when Beth graduated from UCSD. The award winner is often someone (a graduating senior) who has embodied the spirit of the Psychos, dedicating time and energy to the team on and off the field throughout their college career. Past winners have been not just solid players but key leaders as well. The winners are listed on the award itself, which used to be in the sports office. (I hope it still is or that one of your captains has it) The names I remember are Beth Lewis (1998), Erin Hashimoto (1999), Marisa Alvarado (2000), Dania Goodman (2001). Then I think Cheyanne, followed by Alia at some point. And I know Beignet got it in 2008.

Cheering used to be a vital part of ultimate. After every game, teams would cheer each other as a show of spirit and sportsmanship. (The goal at tournaments would be to get the trifecta – win the game, win the cheer, win the party.) Cheers ranged from original haikus, raps, parodies, etc. In 1996 whenever we were stuck we would use one based on the tune “Going to the Chapel” – “Going to ____________(local of tourney) and we’re gonna play ultimate..” Cheer basics included the phrases: huck, dive, and sky. In 98(?) Bryn Martyna created one to “Hakuna Matata” that was actually sung as a round. (I have no doubt some of the girls remember this one.)

Then the following cheer was created for ourselves as a way to inspire and fire the team up before a BIG game. This cheer became a staple and all newbies were required to learn:

Eye of the Psycho
da da-da-da da-da-da da-da-daaaa
da da-da-da da-da-da da-da-daaaa

rising up, back on the field
ready to play and take our chances
we’ll lay it out and then jump back on our feet
just a team with the will to diiive.

rising up, straight to the top
hanging tough, staying hungry
they stack the odds and that’s where we want to be
the underdogs with the will to surviiive

it’s the eye of the psycho
it’s the thrill of the fight
rising up to the challenge of our rivals
and the last known survivor,
stalks her prey in the night
and we’re watching you all with the eye
of the psycho!

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