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What is the UCSD Women’s Ultimate Disc Team? 1997-1998

“This one sentence thing is too hard…” –Beth

“The UCSD women’s ultimate disc team is a wonderful group of women dedicated wholeheartedly to fun, ultimate, and working hard.” –Bryn

“The UCSD women’s ultimate disc team is about playing the best ultimate we can play while being part of a tightly knit team.” –Corinne

“It is a group of inspiring, determined women who enjoy the game and spirit of ultimate.” –Hashi

“Out team is a cool group of girls playing a really fun sport that somehow became a really complicated pain in the @$$.  Why do you ask?” –Thumpa

“A team of committed, hard core, dedicated women who love playing disc.” –LL Cool J

“A family.” –Vicki

“The UCSD Women’s Ultimate Disc team is a group of dedicated and spirited athletic women who learn, grow, and excel together on and off the field.” –Ika

“Ok, how about this: A common bond, a great release, and a heck of a lot of fun!” –Karin 🙂

“It’s all about women who get up high to bring the disc down and lay out in a fat puddle and some mud!  That’s what it’s all about!” –Goose

“UCSD women’s ultimate disc team is a group of athletes that combine the talents from a myriad of different sports and keep and open mind on how to best combine their many different abilities.” –Beth

“The UCSD’s women’s ultimate disc team is a group of athletes who come together and share their skills, dedication, joy, and friendship both on and off the playing field.” –Animal

“Ultimate is an experience of a sport, friendship, commitment, hardship, and understanding.” –Crystal

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